A Few Great Beers for January / Hump Day Beer Poll

I’ve had the good fortune of drinking a few very tasty beers within the past few weeks. Whether they were purchased from my local Giant Supermarket in Arlington or at a great restaurant with a huge beer menu downtown — they’ve all been enjoyed in and around DC.  So I’d love to tell you about ‘em so you can pick some up for your own enjoyment!

Edmund Fitzgerald (American Porter)
Great Lakes Brewing Company – Cleveland, OH

Last Friday I celebrated my good friend Emily’s birthday at , the sister restaurant downstairs from the uber popular Churchkey bar/gastropub on 14th Street NW. While at Birch & Barley I had an incredible meal (don’t think twice – get the — holy sh*t it’s awesome) . We also had some excellent beers from their selection of over 500 bottles and 40 drafts. One in particular stood out to me, called the Edmund Fitzgerald (yes, just like that sunken ship from the )… Now I’m not one to talk about beer in fancy beer terms, so I’ll spare you words like ‘head’ or ‘malt’. Instead the best way to describe the beer would be smooth, creamy, with a coffee/toffee/mocha backbone. The color was a dark dark brown — almost black — and went really well with the free pretzel bread & cornbread, not to mention the pasta/shortribs I touched on above. I have to say, almost every beer I’ve had from Great Lakes Brewing Company has been great, but this one surpassed every one I’ve had by far.

The Verdict: I highly recommend this brew if you like dark beers and like to drink ‘em slow, or if your ship is sinking in a huge storm while on Lake Superior. Would pair really well with a hearty stew, any beef/pork product, or chocolate. 9.5/10

Added note: Great Lakes provides a location-search for their beers, called the , if you want to find a store/distributor to get it on your own.

Warsteiner Premium Verum (German Pilsener)
Warsteiner Brauerei – Warstein, Germany

If you like beer and you’ve been to a Giant Supermarket, you’ve probably seen their “Make Your Own 6-pack” deal. You just grab an empty 6-Pack container and you mix & match beers from their designated section of individual bottles. All for $8.99. I had taken part in this deal only once before, but I just got 6 Dominion brews which normally would cost $9.99… Yea I know I’m a cheap bastard. Anyways, this time I wanted to try something different and opted for the only German beer available — the . Normally a sixer would be $9.49, so I still saved 50 cents… But I did so with an excellent new beer to add to my repertoire. This beer could be compared to any other Pilsner or Lager out there like Budweiser, PBR, or Miller (but 10 times better). It is crisp, clean, and refreshing, with a bit of sweetness on the tongue.

The Verdict: If Miller Lite touts having more flavor than Bud Light, this beer is like Miller Lite while not tasting like ass. In terms of food pairings, it would be the perfect beer with a burger and fries or Thai food. 8/10

As I continue to blog, I’ll be sure to keep touching on new beers I try. But if you have any beer recommendations feel free to leave a comment. Or better yet, answer today’s Hump-Day Poll, on the topic of cheap beer.

2 thoughts on “A Few Great Beers for January / Hump Day Beer Poll

  1. First, this is the best gordon lightfoot song ever!

    Second, if your looking for an American style lager with a bit more bite than your standard beer you can’t go wrong with great lakes “Eliot Ness”. Plus you can discuss your favorite parts of the classic movie “The Untouchables”. (Mine is when Ness find’s out Nitti killed malone!)

    • I haven’t heard that song in forever. Good stuff. When I was a freshman at Lake Forest before I transferred to GW, there was an AWESOME Chicago classic rock station I used to listen to that played songs like this all the time. And you can listen online! Check it out… The Soundtrack of Our Lives. ;)

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