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Today is the first big milestone for AdamLovesFood. We’ve had 1,000 hits in just a month’s time! Woohoo! Granted about 150 are probably me, but who really cares about semantics anyway. As a result of the feat, I have updated the blog’s look. I hope you like it. If you don’t, please let me know [...]

11:00pm – As we speak, many of my friends and colleagues have just finished, or are still in the midst of their commutes home. I’ve heard some people have been on the road for 5+ hours commuting from Tysons Corner to their respective destinations in the DC Region. Some are stranded without public transit. Some [...]

AdamLovesFood would like to present our newest feature: Manhattan Roll – Tono Sushi What is it? Spicy Crunchy Shrimp Roll Where can you get it? Tono Sushi – 2605 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington DC 20008 Woodley Park Neighborhood How much? $6.00 for 1 roll (6 pieces) Ingredients: Sushi rice, seaweed, cooked shrimp (chilled), secret spicy [...]

We’re right in the heart of DC’s Winter Restaurant Week 2011 and I’m an hour away from heading out for dinner. “Where am I going?” you ask. To Dino for what should be an excellent Italian meal. Mmm, fresh made pasta… Good cheese… Cichetti… As you can tell I’m very excited. I’m even bringing a [...]

A new Irish GastroPub has opened up in Shirlington called Samuel Beckett’s. Sporting a huge 5,500 sq ft space with a gorgeous dark-wood decor, the cozy Pub has 280 seats, 3 bars, 2 fireplaces, and a waitstaff comprised of almost all Irish folks. According to the owner (born in Ireland), the restaurant/bar is meant to [...]

A Few Great Beers for January / Hump Day Beer Poll

I’ve had the good fortune of drinking a few very tasty beers within the past few weeks. Whether they were purchased from my local Giant Supermarket in Arlington or at a great restaurant with a huge beer menu downtown — they’ve all been enjoyed in and around DC.  So I’d love to tell you about [...]

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Did you know there is BYOB in DC??

I sure as heck didn’t… But according to my friend Brendan, who I am doing Restaurant Week with at Dino, there is! I was always under the impression it was illegal in DC, like the crazy stone throwing law. And while BYOB in DC isn’t as prevalent as in nearby cities like Philadelphia or New [...]

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Does “DC” Stand for Decent Chinese?

Hump Day Poll Survey – 1/5/2011 DC Doesn’t Stand for Decent Chinese… Does it? When I think of good Chinese food I think of New York City. I can seriously name 5 places on the top of my mind that are awesome: Shun Lee Palace, Chiam, Shun Lee West, Mr. Chow, Grand Sichuan, Mee Noodle… [...]

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Boilermaker Tailgate Chili Recipe …An award-winningly* awesome chili for 2011 Back on my birthday a couple years back, my amazing wife Megan held a chili-cookoff birthday party for me. Friends brought over different chilis and we all voted on what we thought was the best. The top 3 chilis won ribbons and each cook got [...]