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The National Bake Sale for Japan – DC This Weekend If you hadn’t already heard, there is a National Bake Sale for Japan taking place this Saturday, April 2nd at locations all across the U.S, including one in DC. Turns out one of my coworkers did a Bake Sale in our office last week that [...]

I just got back from my weekend trip to Philly for my sister in-law’s 30th Birthday, and I have to say the most memorable thing from the weekend after the good-times had at the birthday irish pub/club-scene, was the crazy-ass burger I got at dinner Saturday night while hanging with friends & fellow food blogger [...]

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You guys voted and it looks like rather than donate to charity, win a spatula, or receive a box of my favorite cereal, 6 out of 7 of you would rather get a restaurant giftcard. Hey I don’t blame you, eating out is great. I love to head out on the town when I have [...]

Today is the 3 month anniversary of my first post! Plus AdamLovesFood recently topped 2,000 posts, so it only seems fitting to hold another giveaway in celebration. Rules and details will be coming by Friday! So get excited and in the meantime, feel free to vote on the category of prize below: Share this: Share

Adam’s Very Own Classico Pasta Bolognese Recipe

Since I was in college, I’ve always used Classico Tomato Sauce when making my Bolognese. I hate that Ragu crap (it’s so frickin sweet and has no texture), and Prego isn’t much better. I mean yea, if I have the time to slave over a stove for 5 hrs to make fresh tomato sauce I [...]

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Lebanese Taverna – Shish Taouk Where can you get it? Lebanese Taverna at any of their Multiple Locations in the DC Area (Bethesda, Downtown, Falls Church, Pentagon Row, Tysons). How much? $16 for entree portion. Ingredients: Grilled boneless chicken breast, marinated and skewered with roast tomatoes, pearl onions, green peppers, and garnished with fresh herbs.  [...]

Charlie Sheen doesn’t cook food. He wills it. This time he’s got a cooking video up on Funny or Die. And it’s quite hilarious. There’s plenty of great one-liners in there, like  “I’m living the life of a rock star Vatican assassin!” Check it out below. But be warned, your face might melt off. Charlie [...]

Best Brunch in DC a Belgian One? A few weekends ago, my good friend from high school and his wife were in town from Chicago.  They actually just moved there after living in Singapore for over 2 years, and it was great seeing them again. Plus I wanted to show them DC could stand up [...]

There’s been some really intriguing food news for the DC Area the past week… Some of which I’m quite excited for! According to the Prince of Petworth, Chipotle has a new Asian chain in the works called ShopHouse: Southeast Asian Kitchen. I know, an Asian Chipotle? How awesome does that sound?! Did I just die [...]

Michel Richard, the head chef and proprietor of such great DC Restaurants as Citronelle, Central, and Michel in Tysons Corner is now serving Fried Chicken to-go… And not only that, it’s in a Bucket! KFC style! The deal is $29.95, and comes with three breasts, three thighs and ten nuggets. Along with the crispy-fried delicious [...]