Interesting Recipes from Across the Interweb

Turkey & Smoked Bacon Pie - Courtesy of Juls' Kitchen

Since I began AdamLovesFood about a year ago, I’ve started following a lot of other food blogs, joined a bunch of food blogger communities, and now receive a slew of recipe/food-related newsletters. One of the sites I joined is called Foodbuzz (thanks in large part to my pal Krissy) who runs .

is a great food blogger community, as well as recipe website, that provides a nifty daily email called the . Every day, Foodbuzz sends out 9 recipes via email that have been submitted by food bloggers in the community and then voted on by their FoodBuzz peers. The Top 9 make the list, and every morning that I receive the email I’m wowed by the creativity of the recipes, how awesome other foodies’ photography skills are, and how nicely their websites are put together.  I am also fascinated by some of the more unique recipes out there.

The one particular recipe above () inspired me to create a new weekly post called “Interesting Recipes from Across the Interweb”, in which I’ll take some of the more unique/intriguing recipes I find on FoodBuzz, or any other website I come across during the week, and post them on the site.

Whether you think they look delicious or totally gross (I wasn’t really sure about this one until I ready Juls’ post), a few other recipes that caught my eye this week were:

Food Network

– Taste with the Eyes

- The Dainty Chef


And feel free to provide me any feedback if you decide to cook up any of these dishes.

5 thoughts on “Interesting Recipes from Across the Interweb

  1. Thanks for sharing these! I’m going to check out Foodbuzz right now!

    • For sure. Glad to post about it. The Top 9 is a great resource.

  2. Hi Adam – so glad you like the chicken soup! Thanks for the mention, much appreciated!
    Foodbuzz is a lot of fun, I’ve been a member since December of 2007. Will you be attending the festival?
    Lori Lynn
    Taste With The Eyes

    • Lori Lynn,

      Of course. I’ve been looking for a good homemade matzo ball soup recipe. Yours should be a great addition for our Hanukkah party coming up. I’ll have to post about the Latke Bar we’re gonna have. I think I’m shooting for 10 toppings or so, haha.

      And I had no idea there was a foodbuzz festival. I’ll have to check it out! When/where is it?

  3. The one particular recipe above inspired me to try that at home..Thanks for information…

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