Michel Richard’s Meatballs – A New Fun Fast Casual DC Restaurant

Picture of Michel Richard Eating MeatballsMichel Richard is Opening a Meatball Shop!

According to Prince of Petworth and Eater DC, Chef Michel Richard of the renowned and is opening up a 1,000 square foot fast-casual restaurant focusing on meatballs. The new meatball shop in Penn Quarter is appropriately being called what else…? Meatballs! I sense a new food trend on the horizon!

The playful James Beard award winner hopes to have the shop open by the end of the month and will serve many different types of meatballs, ranging from lamb & chicken to more unique ones like crab and lentil. Patrons will have the option of getting their meatballs on a sub roll or over spaghetti, with roasted red pepper, spinach, and fritos as topping choices. There will even be a few different sauces like marinara, alfredo, and mushroom ragu. Look for meatball entree prices to range from $6.99 to $9.99. And of course, in true Michel Richard style, he’ll offer full meal deals like his . Those spaghetti & meatball meals will serve 8-10 people and come in a signature stock pot for you to keep (plus if you bring it back on future take-out trips, you’ll get discounted pricing). It will also come with a simple green salad.

Finally I must note that Michel will be serving his notorious “Spuddles” as a side dish. What I’ve heard is that these fancy tater tots are one of the specialties served at his gourmet restaurant Citronelle. Plus there will be beer and wine available once the 40-seat restaurant gets its liquor license.

Now only if I can get a soft-opening invitation to try them… Michel, have your people call my people. Thanks. Love, ALF. ;)

Meatballs Location:

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