Interesting Recipes from Across the Interweb – 10/21/11

Halloween Candy Bark Smores - Courtesy of Gingerbread Bagels

In honor of Halloween (which just so happens to fall 2 days after my birthday) this week’s Interesting Recipes from Across the Interweb is featuring some scary desserts/treats… Along with a dal recipe recipe my good friend Ali Z wanted me to post. She is currently living in Bangladesh, doing volunteer teaching at a women’s university there, and learning the in’s and outs of the culture & cuisine. Her recipe isn’t really a dessert, so it doesn’t fully fit the theme…  But it is kind of scary, since it’s something she learned how to make while she’s been living over there… Or I guess “intimidating” might be the better word.

Either way, here’s the recipes:

Gingerbread Bagels

– Salty Seattle

Dinners, Dishes, and Desserts

- Bengali Ali

And feel free to provide me, or any of these recipe makers feedback if you decide to cook up any of the dishes.

One thought on “Interesting Recipes from Across the Interweb – 10/21/11

  1. Thanks for posting my recipe! Bengali sweets called “mishti” are insanely sweet and made from condensed milk and honey. if I find a recipe, i will send it along…

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