Food Meets Drink – A Cool New Online Recipe Tool

I just stumbled onto an article at the Washington Post regarding a new website called … And while it is still in “Beta”, so far it’s pretty neat, and quite fun to use, with just a handful of kinks to be worked out.

Basically it’s a food and drink pairing website comprised of almost any beverage and food ingredient you can think of… And you pair as many as you want together to get recipes compiled from all across the web. But what makes it so fun is that the website uses graphical icons for each ingredient with no text or writing required. I know, crazy right?

To give a clearer explanation, each item is categorized into main groups… For food, it’s: meats, seafood, dairy/eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts/grains, and spices. For alcohol, it’s: hard liquor, beer, and wine.. And then those are split into more subcategories like whiskey, pinot noir, or stout. Then there’s cooking method choices (grill, sautee, steam, etc…), occasion choices like barbecue, thanksgiving, birthday, and cuisine (french, italian, american, etc…)

For each category, you have many ingredient choices, and in each specific listing, you can scroll through similar items by clicking an arrow to the right or left of the item. See the graphic at left for a more visual explanation.

So let’s say you have a Cabernet Sauvignon you were planning on drinking, and want to pair it with something tasty. Just click on the Cabernet icon and it will highlight other ingredients to pick from. Once you choose what you want to use, it will populate recipes on the right side.

Again since it is in Beta there are a bunch of things to fix — like the fact it can be hard to find the ingredient you are looking for since the categories aren’t well defined. Or the lack of pairing options for some rarer beverages… Really the only thing to pair with my American Wheat Beer is chicken and eggs?

Regardless of all the glitches, kinks, and slight gimmickyness, should prove to be pretty handy in time, especially if it is converted into a smartphone app.

Do you have any recommended ingredient pairing recipe websites? If so, I’d love to know what they are and how you found out about them.

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