Get Your Beer & Wine Fix Now at Starbucks

Starbucks Storefront Photo

"Ugh, now I have to deal with alcoholics, along with snobby coffee-drinkers." Photo Credit: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg

Starbucks recently announced it would introduce beer and wine onto its drink menu at 25 of its 10,700 U.S. locations. Sadly the DC Area will not be participating… But the lucky citizens of Atlanta, Southern California, and Chicago will be able to imbibe in some wine and beer while sitting next to their java-drinking, laptop typing counterparts. Lucky drunks…I mean ducks.

According to Clarice Turner, a Senior VP of U.S. Operations, the stores will price beer around $5 and glasses of wine between $7 and $9. Along with beer & wine, these locations will also be serving bistro-inspired fare, like warm foccacia with olive oil and fruit & cheese plates, to pair with their alcoholic beverages.

This isn’t entirely new for Starbucks, as they have been serving alcohol at some of their Seattle & Portland based stores since October 2010. However Mrs. Turner mentioned this effort would be a test run, and that the specific stores were “carefully chosen.” Which means the company would not be deploying the concept to other stores any time soon…. Oh well. I prefer to drink my beer at grimey dive bars or in the comfort of my own home anyway.  Best of luck Starbucks!