DC Dish of the Day – Kushi’s Kamonegi Duck Breast & Scallion Skewer

DC Dish of the Day – Kamonegi Duck Breast & Scallion Skewer

Where can I get it?

465 K St NW
(between N 4th St & N 5th St)

Washington, DC 20001

How much?
$6.50 per skewer

Ingredients: Kamonegi duck breast, scallion, some kickass seasonings, and a charcoal grill
Why it’s so Good: It’s the juiciest, smokiest duck breast I’ve ever had. The nice char and crunch is a win. And seriously, who doesn’t like meat on a stick? Especially when it’s only six bucks.

Bottom Line: I have only had duck a handful of times before eating this skewered duck at Kushi, but it’s the most memorable by far. Usually when I goto Kushi, I will order a bunch of different dishes so I can sample a bunch of their food. They have great sushi and some really unique & authentic Japanese dishes – but the last time I went I swore I would order at least 3 of these skewers so I wouldn’t miss out. They’re really that good. By far the best thing on the menu… Even more than their pork belly skewer… Yea I know, hard to believe right? That damn duck is so frickin juicy and full of flavor. Not to be missed. Do yourself a favor and get to Kushi and try it already.

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