Grilled Blue Cheese Mussels – Granville Moore’s Recipe w/ a BBQ Twist

Well hey there. I know, I know. You’re probably thinking, wow, it’s been a really long time since this guy posted on his blog. Or you’re crazy surprised, because I have said I’d post about something on Twitter a bunch of times in the last few months and then flaked out. Or you have no idea what the hell I’m talking about, because this is your first time here and all you want is your mussel recipe (scroll down to the Ingredients if you don’t want to read my spiel).

Well, let me first say, it’s true I’m back — and for real this time. And secondly, I’m terribly sorry for letting any of you down. And third, I promise I will not disappoint you again. And when I say I promise – I PROMISE…

Are those mussels on a grill…? In a huge cast iron skillet? Why yes, yes they are.

Because this is my Yom Kippur Jew Years Resolution! At least 1 post per week until 5774 (that’s late September 2013 if you’re not up on your ). Which means more recipes, more DC Dish of the Days, more Top 10s, and some new surprise posts I drafted a long time ago but didn’t have the balls to publish.

But enough about my lack of follow-through-ness and accountability. Let’s leave that to the … Instead let’s focus on this delicious Mussels recipe! Only thing is that this is a recipe that violates not one, but two Kosher rules. Oy vey is right. (If you’re concerned about my salvation, I’m reform and don’t keep kosher, so it’s cool). Plus I don’t even like mussels all that much – these were for my wife who is Catholic. But the broth is pretty amazing – bacon, wine, blue cheese & all. Just add crusty bread and yum.

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Gambas a la Teriyaki – Spanish Inspired Grilled Shrimp Teriyaki Skewers

Many of those who read this blog already know I grew up in New York City. For those that don’t, I was raised in Midtown Manhattan just north of the United Nations. While not known for the best restaurants, my neighborhood had some bright spots. I didn’t get to experience the place that inspired this recipe until I was in college — though I probably shouldn’t have been enjoying their tasty orange margaritas at that time. But hey, they didn’t card, so whatever.

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Seared White Tuna in Homemade Miso – Sushi Yoshi – DC Dish of the Day

Seared White Tuna in Homemade Miso Broth Over Baby Greens – Sushi Yoshi

Where can you get it?

101 Church Street
Vienna, VA 22180

How much?
$9.00 for appetizer portion.

Ingredients: White Tuna, Mixed Baby Greens, Homemade Miso Broth, Fresh Lime, Lotus Root/Lime garnish

Why it’s so Good: Beautifully seared fatty white tuna. Crisp on the outside, buttery on the inside. A bit of acid to contrast the fish. Simple, gorgeous mixed baby greens to give a little crunch/texture. Warm salty miso broth to complete the clean, simple, & truly delicious dish.

Bottom Line: One of the first Dish of the Days from outside the District, this one comes from one of my favorite new sushi places. Located on the corner of a quaint side street in downtown Vienna Virginia, surrounded by little boutique shops and offices, Sushi Yoshi is a hidden gem. They pride themselves on serving authentic Japanese cuisine with an emphasis on a beautiful aesthetic for their dish presentation. Plus they don’t have that gimmicky strip-mall-suburbia sushi feel. It’s more like a small town cute cafe sushi feel.

When inside, you notice there’s 3 sushi chefs at work in a very small space, but they do an amazing job.  Overall you can’t go wrong with their sushi, especially since they provide an extensive list of special rolls, the ability to order 1/2 rolls for 1/2 the price, and a huge Japanese specials menu filled with traditional Japanese dishes I’ve rarely seen at any Japanese/Sushi restaurant outside (or inside) the District.

Away from the uniqueness of this Sushi spot, this dish is one of the cleanest, simplest, tasty plays on my favorite fish served in Sushi restaurants (White Tuna). It’s really something special, at one of the best sushi places in the suburbs of DC.

Megan’s Favorite Mussels in DC and Northern Virginia

If you’re reading this post, you already know that Adam Loves Food… But what you probably don’t know is how much my wife Megan Loves Mussels. And no, I’m not talking about my What I’m talking about is her love of the shellfish.

I feel like anytime there’s mussels on the menu at a restaurant we’ve gone to recently, she gets ‘em. That or she convinces me to go somewhere that has the little black shelly things.

She’s always been a huge seafood fan, especially shellfish. I actually had my first culinary experience “crackin crabs” with her and her family several years ago at the renowned in Annapolis, MD… And while they all had a blast — breaking the crabs down like pros, and sucking out juice from the claws, all while sippin on Coronas — I found it quite difficult, with little reward for such a huge amount of work. Call me lazy, call me crazy, call me a , I am just not a fan of the dining aspect of cracking and eating crabs. Though I do have to say, I really enjoy the wonderful social atmosphere it creates. I mean, who doesn’t like sitting outside for hours on end, eating, drinking, and conversatin’ with your loved ones…?

But enough about crabs. This post is about mussels. Another dish I’m not a huge fan of. But Megan is a wealth of knowledge, and I’m sure plenty of you mussel lovers would love to hear a pro’s opinion.

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