DC Dish of the Day – Lomo Saltado – Lauriol Plaza

Lauriol Plaza’s Lomo Saltado – April’s DC Dish of the Day

Where can I get it?

1835 18th Street Northwest
Washington, DC 20009

How much?
$14.20 (entree size)

Ingredients: Prime tenderloin strips with fresh tomatoes, cilantro, onions, jalapeno peppers, potatoes and special Peruvian green sauce. Served with white rice and black beans.
Why it’s so Good: Continue reading

Washington DC Summer Restaurant Week 2011 Dates Announced – Aug 15-21

It’s the middle of July and is almost upon us! This year it will be from August 15th – August 21st and meals will be the standard price ($20.11 for lunch and $35.11 for dinner).

Want to begin scouting restaurants? Check out my favorite DC Restaurant Week source –> DCFoodies and their and Restaurant Week Menus/Recommendations.

Want my picks? You’re gonna have to wait a couple weeks while I compile my very first set of restaurant recommendations!

Now go or run a few miles to get your metabolism going.


Cherry Tomato & Burrata Mozzarella – DC Dish of the Day

Central Michel Richard – Cherry Tomato & Burrata Mozzarella

Where can you get it?

1001 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20004

How much?
$17 for large appetizer portion.

Ingredients: Fresh Burrata Mozzarella, Roasted Cherry Tomatoes, Basil Infused Olive Oil, Fresh Basil, Fresh Black Pepper, Crostini

Why it’s so Good: It’s huge. 2 huge hunks of  creamy, milky burrata. Cherry tomato explosion. First press olive oil. Crunchy, crispy, salty crostini. Fresh basil & pepper garnish a nice simple touch.

Bottom Line: While I think $17 for any appetizer is pretty ridiculous, this one is an exception. Never have I had an appetizer as large or as filling as this one. Plus it is kind of hard to find fresh Burrata Mozzarella in the DC Area. The reason I got it because I was having nostalgia about my Burrata experience in Italy last November. The combination of flavors really brought me back to that little cafe in Roma. So if you love mozzarella cheese, cherry tomatoes, and an authentic fresh Italian combo of flavors, you must try this dish.

Shake Shack Coming to Nationals Park – Thai Restaurant Week Starts – New Pizza in Clarendon!

Spring has sprung and we’ve got some great food news for you!

Shake Shack Comes to Nationals Park – Danny Meyer and his New York based restaurant group (Union Square Hospitality) is bringing some great New York fast food eats to DC. And they’re taking it out to the ballgame. According to the Washington Post’s very own restaurant critic Tom Sietsema, Nationals Park will offer 4 of his concession concepts:  “Blue Smoke (celebrating barbecue), Box Frites (offering Belgian-style fries with dips), El Verano Taqueria (serving Mexican snacks) and (think burgers and shakes).” Currently these tasty treats are available at the New York Mets’ Citi Field, and I can say from personal experience that the Mexican joint and Shake Shack are pretty darn good. This is especially great news for baseball/burger fans since as one of its concession options after 3 years serving burgers in the park. Expect the new concessions to open in Late June on the Miller Lite Scoreboard Walk behind the main scoreboard.

Thai Restaurant Week Begins! – The Thai Embassy is hosting Thai Restaurant Week all this week from Monday April 11th through Sunday, April 17.  A large number of DC, Maryland, and Virginia Thai restaurants will offer either 10 percent off the entire meal or special menus.  For a list of participating locations and a FREE APPETIZER !

Pete’s Apizza Opens in Clarendon – In tasty pizza news, a favorite of the District has opened up shop in Arlington. A few weeks ago, (pronounced “Pete’s Ah-Beetz”) opened at 3017 Clarendon Blvd. This is the 3rd outfit for the wood-fired brick oven pizza chain. Pete’s features large one-size pies (18″), as well as pizza by the slice. They also have pasta, salad, and some typical Italian desserts. Food is ordered at the counter and then brought to the table by their friendly servers. And oh yeah, Peroni & some great craft beers are on draught and can be ordered in pitchers!

Winner of 3 Month Anniversary Giveaway

Yummy WafflesThe winner of the Belga Cafe giftcard has been decided! Thank you to all who entered and for providing some great waffle toppings.Some of the ones submitted were: Ice cream, bananas & whipped cream (non-sexual), syrup & butter, syrup & ice cream, and chocolate chips & syrup.  Syrup happened to be the most popular of the toppings.

Our winner however, is someone who likes to keep things simple. His favorite topping was simply stated:

“Waffles. I prefer waffles on top of my waffles.”

So Brendan H from Beltsville, MD, you are the winner of the AdamLovesFood 3 Month Anniversary 2,000 Hits International Waffle Day Giveaway and a $10 Belga Cafe giftcard! So go have some waffles on top of waffles at . They’re mighty tasty.

But no pressure, it isn’t necessary to get waffles galore — .

The National Bake Sale for Japan – DC This Weekend

If you hadn’t already heard, there is a taking place this Saturday, April 2nd at locations all across the U.S, including one in DC.

Turns out one of my coworkers did a Bake Sale in our office last week that raised just over $400 for Japan relief and now there’s a national event! While we’d like to think our fellow employee & her colleagues were the masterminds behind the idea — they are not. However, like our office’s bake sale,  this foodie fundraiser will allow you to make/ purchase baked goods, with 100% of the contributions to go to the Earthquake/Tsunami victims. Plus there will be an origami making project, and much, much more.

Here’s details from their website if interested:

What: A simultaneous national bake sale at different restaurants & bakeries around the country featuring baked goods made by some of the most talented professional and amateur bakers around.

Who: YOU, along with professional and amateur bakers, cooks, artists, artisans, and musicians coming together around food to help others in need.

Where: in Downtown DC – (5th & K Street NW) or any of the other around the U.S.

When: This Saturday April 2nd from 10am-2pm

Why: To help the victims affected by the devastating Earthquake/Tsunami in Japan.  All contributions go to with 100% of the money going to Earthquake/Tsunami relief.

Any questions or entry info for the DC event can be emailed to: dcbakesale4japan@gmail.com

Shish Taouk – Lebanese Taverna

Where can you get it? Lebanese Taverna at any of their in the DC Area (Bethesda, Downtown, Falls Church, Pentagon Row, Tysons).Shish Taouk Lebanese Taverna

How much?
$16 for entree portion.

Ingredients: Grilled boneless chicken breast, marinated and skewered with roast tomatoes, pearl onions, green peppers, and garnished with fresh herbs.  Served with basmati rice, garlic puree and sumac spiced onions.

Why it’s so Good: Amazing kabob. So flavorful. Full of grilled-goodness. Veggies are fresh, smoky, and crunchy. Roast Tomato explosion. The garlic puree/paste alone is incredible (just watch at his favorite Lebanese place in LA). Sumac spiced onions are a unique twist.

Bottom Line: If you live in/around DC, you are probably familiar with this chain of Lebanese Restaurants scattered all over the Metro Area. If not, someone you know may have bought $40 worth of food there in the . If you are not familiar. Become familiar. And do so with their kabobs.

While I chose the Shish Taouk for DC Dish of the Day — their Beef, Lamb, and Veggie Kabobs are all good. This plate of food is so large and full of so many great flavors. it is almost difficult to describe. All I can say is if you’re intimidated by Lebanese food, don’t be. It has got a mix of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavors. Which means lots of fresh meats, veggies, rice and mild spices. Simple food with great flavor. Shish Taouk is the Shi*sh.

Best Brunch in DC a Belgian One?

A few weekends ago, my good friend from high school and his wife were in town from Chicago.  They actually just moved there after living in Singapore for over 2 years, and it was great seeing them again. Plus I wanted to show them DC could stand up to both Chicago and Singpore in terms of having great food.

Belga Cafe Croquettes

Cheese Croquettes

So we went out every day (Friday-Sunday) and ate pretty darn well. We hit up on Friday night in honor of our high-school alma mater (Chef Geoff is a Choate Alum himself — class of ’91). Then we went to for some beer to close out the night. The following evening we headed to in Dupont, and then closed out our DC food-jaunt with brunch at on Sunday. And that’s the meal we’re gonna focus on in this post… BRUNCH!

Courtesy of Central Michel Richard

Michel Richard, the head chef and proprietor of such great DC Restaurants as , , and in Tysons Corner is now serving Fried Chicken to-go… And not only that, it’s in a Bucket!

The deal is $29.95, and comes with three breasts, three thighs and ten nuggets. Along with the crispy-fried delicious chicken, comes mashed potatoes and a dijon mustard dipping sauce! It can be ordered over the phone for takeout from Monday-Friday 11:30am-2:30pm and can be picked up during normal lunch and dinner hours without notice any day of the week.

Cavatelli and ShortribBirch & Barley – Hand Cut Ricotta Cavatelli with Braised Beef Shortrib

Where can you get it?
1337 14th Street NW Washington DC, 20005

How much?
$13 for small portion, $19 for dinner portion (menu changes almost daily so check if it’s available first).

Ingredients: Home-made with Ricotta. Braised short rib. . . Parmesan Cheese. (I’ve provided links to each ingredient I wasn’t totally familiar with when I ordered it).