Grilled Blue Cheese Mussels – Granville Moore’s Recipe w/ a BBQ Twist

Well hey there. I know, I know. You’re probably thinking, wow, it’s been a really long time since this guy posted on his blog. Or you’re crazy surprised, because I have said I’d post about something on Twitter a bunch of times in the last few months and then flaked out. Or you have no idea what the hell I’m talking about, because this is your first time here and all you want is your mussel recipe (scroll down to the Ingredients if you don’t want to read my spiel).

Well, let me first say, it’s true I’m back — and for real this time. And secondly, I’m terribly sorry for letting any of you down. And third, I promise I will not disappoint you again. And when I say I promise – I PROMISE…

Are those mussels on a grill…? In a huge cast iron skillet? Why yes, yes they are.

Because this is my Yom Kippur Jew Years Resolution! At least 1 post per week until 5774 (that’s late September 2013 if you’re not up on your ). Which means more recipes, more DC Dish of the Days, more Top 10s, and some new surprise posts I drafted a long time ago but didn’t have the balls to publish.

But enough about my lack of follow-through-ness and accountability. Let’s leave that to the … Instead let’s focus on this delicious Mussels recipe! Only thing is that this is a recipe that violates not one, but two Kosher rules. Oy vey is right. (If you’re concerned about my salvation, I’m reform and don’t keep kosher, so it’s cool). Plus I don’t even like mussels all that much – these were for my wife who is Catholic. But the broth is pretty amazing – bacon, wine, blue cheese & all. Just add crusty bread and yum.

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