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11:00pm – As we speak, many of my friends and colleagues have just finished, or are still in the midst of their commutes home. I’ve heard some people have been on the road for 5+ hours commuting from Tysons Corner to their respective destinations in the DC Region. Some are stranded without public transit. Some [...]

We’re right in the heart of DC’s Winter Restaurant Week 2011 and I’m an hour away from heading out for dinner. “Where am I going?” you ask. To Dino for what should be an excellent Italian meal. Mmm, fresh made pasta… Good cheese… Cichetti… As you can tell I’m very excited. I’m even bringing a [...]

A Few Great Beers for January / Hump Day Beer Poll

I’ve had the good fortune of drinking a few very tasty beers within the past few weeks. Whether they were purchased from my local Giant Supermarket in Arlington or at a great restaurant with a huge beer menu downtown — they’ve all been enjoyed in and around DC.  So I’d love to tell you about [...]

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Does “DC” Stand for Decent Chinese?

Hump Day Poll Survey – 1/5/2011 DC Doesn’t Stand for Decent Chinese… Does it? When I think of good Chinese food I think of New York City. I can seriously name 5 places on the top of my mind that are awesome: Shun Lee Palace, Chiam, Shun Lee West, Mr. Chow, Grand Sichuan, Mee Noodle… [...]

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Opentable’s Dining Cheques — Awesome or a Pain?

Hump Day Poll #2 – Have you redeemed a Dining Cheque from OpenTable.com? I love OpenTable.com. They make booking restaurant reservations a snap — anywhere in the country too. No need to call around to restaurants or wait on hold with a frantic/snippy  hostess. Just go online, pick the restaurant & time you want to [...]

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Which Fast Food Burrito Place Is Best?

Hump Day Poll #1 -Which burrito place is best? Today, at work I had a hankering for Chipotle and began wondering… Does everyone like Chipotle the best? I ask this because everyone in my office seems to bring up Chipotle as their #1 fast-food option when opting to go out. Thing is, there are other [...]

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