Interesting Recipes from Across the Interweb – 10/21/11

Halloween Candy Bark Smores - Courtesy of Gingerbread Bagels

In honor of Halloween (which just so happens to fall 2 days after my birthday) this week’s Interesting Recipes from Across the Interweb is featuring some scary desserts/treats… Along with a dal recipe recipe my good friend Ali Z wanted me to post. She is currently living in Bangladesh, doing volunteer teaching at a women’s university there, and learning the in’s and outs of the culture & cuisine. Her recipe isn’t really a dessert, so it doesn’t fully fit the theme…  But it is kind of scary, since it’s something she learned how to make while she’s been living over there… Or I guess “intimidating” might be the better word.

Either way, here’s the recipes:

Gingerbread Bagels

– Salty Seattle

Dinners, Dishes, and Desserts

- Bengali Ali

And feel free to provide me, or any of these recipe makers feedback if you decide to cook up any of the dishes.

Interesting Recipes from Across the Interweb

Turkey & Smoked Bacon Pie - Courtesy of Juls' Kitchen

Since I began AdamLovesFood about a year ago, I’ve started following a lot of other food blogs, joined a bunch of food blogger communities, and now receive a slew of recipe/food-related newsletters. One of the sites I joined is called Foodbuzz (thanks in large part to my pal Krissy) who runs .

is a great food blogger community, as well as recipe website, that provides a nifty daily email called the . Every day, Foodbuzz sends out 9 recipes via email that have been submitted by food bloggers in the community and then voted on by their FoodBuzz peers. The Top 9 make the list, and every morning that I receive the email I’m wowed by the creativity of the recipes, how awesome other foodies’ photography skills are, and how nicely their websites are put together.  I am also fascinated by some of the more unique recipes out there.

The one particular recipe above () inspired me to create a new weekly post called “Interesting Recipes from Across the Interweb”, in which I’ll take some of the more unique/intriguing recipes I find on FoodBuzz, or any other website I come across during the week, and post them on the site.

Whether you think they look delicious or totally gross (I wasn’t really sure about this one until I ready Juls’ post), a few other recipes that caught my eye this week were:

Food Network

– Taste with the Eyes

- The Dainty Chef


And feel free to provide me any feedback if you decide to cook up any of these dishes.