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Chicken Pesto Pasta Recipe – Aka: C.P. Squared (CP²)

Back in my college dorm room, I developed a great pasta recipe with my girlfriend at the time, who has now become my wife… And it’s due in large part to this recipe! But in all seriousness, like my Classico Pasta Bolognese recipe, this pasta dish is really easy to make and a delicious & [...]

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Adam’s Very Own Classico Pasta Bolognese Recipe

Since I was in college, I’ve always used Classico Tomato Sauce when making my Bolognese. I hate that Ragu crap (it’s so frickin sweet and has no texture), and Prego isn’t much better. I mean yea, if I have the time to slave over a stove for 5 hrs to make fresh tomato sauce I [...]

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Birch & Barley – Hand Cut Ricotta Cavatelli with Braised Beef Shortrib Where can you get it? Birch & Barley 1337 14th Street NW Washington DC, 20005 How much? $13 for small portion, $19 for dinner portion (menu changes almost daily so check if it’s available first). Ingredients: Home-made Cavatelli with Ricotta. Braised short rib. [...]