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Today is the 3 month anniversary of my first post! Plus AdamLovesFood recently topped 2,000 posts, so it only seems fitting to hold another giveaway in celebration. Rules and details will be coming by Friday! So get excited and in the meantime, feel free to vote on the category of prize below: Share this: Share

We’re right in the heart of DC’s Winter Restaurant Week 2011 and I’m an hour away from heading out for dinner. “Where am I going?” you ask. To Dino for what should be an excellent Italian meal. Mmm, fresh made pasta… Good cheese… Cichetti… As you can tell I’m very excited. I’m even bringing a [...]

A Few Great Beers for January / Hump Day Beer Poll

I’ve had the good fortune of drinking a few very tasty beers within the past few weeks. Whether they were purchased from my local Giant Supermarket in Arlington or at a great restaurant with a huge beer menu downtown — they’ve all been enjoyed in and around DC.  So I’d love to tell you about [...]

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