The Best Store Bought Salsa – AdamLovesFood’s Top 5 Supermarket Salsas

While I’m on this salsa kick — having just posted my friend’s Redneck Caviar Recipe she got from Paula Deen, I’ve decided to put together a Top 5 of my favorite store-bought salsas. That way if you’re lazy like me and don’t want to mix up some crazy salsa, you can just buy a good one from the grocery store — with no extra effort required. And don’t worry, there’s no Tostitos brand salsa on this list. There’s plenty of variety, and most are available anywhere.

The Best Store-Bought Salsas
An AdamLovesFood Top 5

5. Frontera Cilantro Jalapeno Salsa

I love cilantro. I also love Rick Bayless. No not in that way. Just in a ‘he’s an amazing chef and I want to eat at his restaurant at this very moment’ sort of way. So if you don’t like him or his Cilantro– skip this salsa. Now if you are familiar with Rick Bayless, you’d know he is the winner of Top Chef Masters, the proprietor of a number of excellent restaurants in Chicago, and one of the best Mexican chefs in the U.S. One of those restaurants is Frontera Grill, and for several years now their salsas have been available at major grocery stores around the country. This one has an herby freshness with a bit of heat and smoke. There’s also some tartness, but it’s more interesting than anything else. Definitely worth a try if you have it in your salsa aisle.

4. Desert Pepper Corn, Black Bean, & Roasted Red Pepper Salsa

I picked this particular salsa because I couldn’t classify their as a salsa. Because if I could, it’d be at the top of the list. Sooo good…  Anyway, Desert Pepper makes some great Tex-Mex salsas too and this one in my opinion is their best. It’s earthy, full of smokiness, and has some chunky bits of corn, black beans, and peppers, which gives it a great texture. Definitely a bit on the spicy side, but I’m down with the fire.

3. Giant Supermarket Fresh Salsa

Sometimes when I’m craving salsa I just want that mild stuff they serve at Chipotle… Or what one who speaks bueno espanol would call Pico Di Gallo. Bright, somewhat sweet, and quite juicy, this salsa is packed with flavor. Plus it’s healthy and you just can’t stop eating it. Of all the pico di gallos I’ve had before, this one definitely stands out. It’s like they picked all the veggies off the farm, and mixed it by hand in the grocery store… And honestly I think that’s how this salsa is made. So if you have a , check it out. It’s pretty darn addictive.

2. Green Mountain Gringo Medium Salsa

This salsa is by far my favorite standard salsa you can get in the supermarket. It’s got chunks of tomatoes, good heat, bold flavors, and is easy to eat. Not your run of the mill watery store-bought salsa, that’s for sure. Plus they offer some that go perfectly with it. If you want a really good salsa that’s widely available get Green Mountain Gringo.

And the winner….

1. Costco Santa Barbara Mango Salsa with Peach

I was first introduced to this salsa by a friend from college who had a Costco membership. Once I had it, I was sold, and got my own membership just for the salsa. Never have I tasted a salsa as good as this one. It is a mix of sweet &  spicy.  It’s thick and juicy, and most of all full of delicious flavors. The peach & mango combo creates great texture and has a brightness you can’t find in your average fruit based salsa. Granted you do have to get a Costco membership to buy it, or tag a long with someone who does… But trust me, it’s totally worth it.